About Me

Richie Vernillo l Creative Content Producer
Thanks for stopping by my website! Let me tell you a little bit about me!

I create all various types of creative content and I'm very passionate at everything I do, my work has been nominated for 3 Emmy® awards, and as early as 16 my work has been screened at the Carey Grant Theatre on the Sony Pictures lot.

Most recently, I have been creating interactive experiences that have been shown on the largest screens in Times Square. I also have recently brought children’s drawings to life with animation in live events. My work has been presented in many venues around the world and during shows and live-events, and throughout digital, social and media content.


My background consists of a wide range of producing various motion graphics, visual effects, broadcast design, live-event design, social media content and filmmaking. I am very interested in all aspects of what engaging content can do for an audience. Pushing the envelope on production value through cohesive, elaborate projects that inspire and make a difference for an audience.


My inspiration from my work comes from live-event design, comic books, circus, theater, theme parks and animated motion pictures. 

I have worked as a producer, motion designer, animator, cinematographer and editor for all of my projects you see on my website. I am very passionate about the work I do and I always love to push the possible!

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