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Sesame Street Live! Make Your Magic: Social/Digital Content

Video Content Creation l Concept l Template Design l Motion Graphics l Promo l Production l Creative Content l Animation

To produce a series of monthly revealed social media pieces to reveal the characters and story of the newest edition of Sesame Street Live! Make Your Magic Produced By Feld Entertainment. 

SSL Make Your Magic

Above is a short selection of the numerous videos I've created from scratch for this project, it has been an ongoing - 12+ month long project from the start of the revea show. Also, these projects were designed as templates after approval by Sesame Workshop; for artists and designers at Feld Entertainment to easily make professional, high quality animations.

An elements package of custom animated elements, I designed for this project as well. From backgrounds to particle effects exported out as videos were also created in this project to help the designers and artists to easily create high-quality professional content, that is cohesive and used on multiple shows produced by Feld Entertainment for video content related projects.

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