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There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

Video Content Creation l Concept l Editing l Motion Graphics l Production l Creative Pitch l Typographic Design

I based the entire project off of a book. the book showed all of the Disney Parks poster art and conceptual drawings, art direction, color palate that make up the posters at the beginning of the rides to give the guests a view of what they are going to see on each attraction. Because of the 2-D look of The 1950-75 Disney Parks poster art, I went with a very colorful style but sticking to the color palate & text style of Tomorrowland (Green, Blues and Purples, with a mix of orange). Making this project stick out, I made the whole project move in one piece. To create a mini story throughout of traveling through Tomorrowland through the project off of the rides attractions. And adding even small details throughout to really make this project shine. Everything was created from scratch besides basing the color styles of tomorrow land. The song is called There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, from the Disneyland/Walt Disney World Attraction- The Carousel of Progress, recently The Carousel of Progress turned 50 years old along with Its A Small World.

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