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An elements package of custom animated elements and custom from the ground up photo-montage animations in the style of social media layouts. I designed for this project as well. From backgrounds to particle and paint effects were also designed for the projects video content as well as the Time Square screens layout to loop in :30 second to 8 minute segments throughout the day.

Giselle Perelman - Times Square Display

Video Content Creation l Concept l Direction l Motion Graphics l Promo l Production l Creative Pitch l Editing l Interactive Design

To create an interactive, engaging display for 3 of the largest screens in Times Square, for a 24 hour long presentation for an immersive party located in the heart of Times Square. 

I directed talent for an in studio shoot, to create eye-catching and colorful footage to attract people walking around Times Square and the party guest to see this interactive experience seen by thousands of people in a 24 hour period. 

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