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Video Content Creation l Concept l Editing l Motion Graphics l Promo l Production l Creative Pitch l Broadcast Design l Producer

An extensive, ambitious brand package to enhance production value & initialize a home for the show's story and content on social media. Previously shot & edited.

"Porters" Show Open

An interactive website that lives inside the "Porters" brand was conceptualized and designed, to bring to life the shows "webisodes," style and attitude to life visually in a digital space. This website was designed for all mobile and full frame, so potential show buyers and the audience can easily access the website, anywhere.

A extensive social media content plan was created and produced along with the Executive Producers. To have the shows content presented on Vimeo, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. Some  of the videos, were also "FB and Instagram Paid AD's" to help reach a wider audience.